Find flats in Méribel Mottaret for your holidays

Are you dreaming of a perfect winter getaway in the French Alps? Discover how to find the ideal apartments in Méribel Mottaret for your vacation. From family-friendly accommodations to prime locations near ski slopes, this guide covers everything you need. Navigate the availability of over 140 rental options, understand key amenities, and benefit from enhanced sanitary measures to ensure a memorable and safe holiday.

Available apartments in Méribel Mottaret

When you discover the best apartments in Meribel Mottaret for your next vacation, you will find an impressive array of 143 rental options, from charming chalets to luxurious residences. Among these are notable choices like Chalet Arolla and Résidence le Plan du Lac, each offering unique amenities tailored to diverse needs.

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Detailed descriptions of the apartments showcase features such as square meterage, number of bedrooms, and special aspects like balconies with mountain views or ski-in/ski-out access. Prices start as low as €251 for two nights, making them accessible for various budgets.

With booking flexibility, you can make free changes up to 21 days in advance. Enhanced sanitary measures ensure a safe and relaxing stay. Each accommodation type emphasizes comfort, location, and family-friendly activities, ensuring a memorable vacation for all visitors.

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Family-friendly accommodations and activities

Méribel Mottaret offers a variety of family-oriented activities and amenities that cater to all ages. The ski-in/ski-out rentals allow families to start their ski day right from their doorstep. Accommodations like Chalet Silvana and Résidence le Plan du Lac provide spacious apartments with multiple bedrooms and cosy living areas.

For younger children, the ESF Piou-Piou Club offers ski lessons in a safe environment. Teenagers and adults can enjoy the snow park, ideal for snowboarding and freestyle skiing. Off the slopes, families can explore scenic snowshoe trails or take a horse-drawn sleigh ride through the picturesque village.

Special promotions and last-minute deals often include discounts on family packages, making it easier to plan an affordable vacation. The "1 semaine achetée = 1 semaine offerte" deal is particularly attractive for extended stays. Enhanced sanitary measures and flexible booking options ensure a stress-free holiday, allowing families to immerse themselves in the myriad activities Méribel Mottaret has to offer.

Key features of Méribel Mottaret apartments

At Méribel Mottaret, each flat has its own special features.

Proximity to Ski Slopes

Méribel Mottaret apartments offer unparalleled ski-in/ski-out access, allowing you to hit the slopes directly from your doorstep. Whether you're staying in Chalet Arolla or Résidence le Plan du Lac, the convenience of being close to the pistes enhances your skiing experience.

Amenities and Views

Many apartments come with balconies offering stunning mountain views. Imagine sipping your morning coffee while gazing at the snow-covered peaks. These features are especially prominent in options like Résidence le Plan du Lac.

Comfort and Unique Features

These accommodations boast various comfort levels catering to diverse preferences. From cosy living areas in Chalet Silvana to multiple-bedroom setups ideal for families, each apartment is designed to meet specific needs. Unique features like rustic décor or modern amenities add to the charm, making every stay memorable.

Booking Flexibility and Sanitary Measures

Enjoy the peace of mind with flexible booking options and enhanced sanitary protocols. Free changes up to 21 days in advance ensure a hassle-free experience, making your stay in Méribel Mottaret not only comfortable but also safe.

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