Press Release

Inteliance introduces ServersMaster v1.0, the realtime network monitoring and auto-recovery solution

March 15, 2013 – Inteliance today released the first public version of ServersMaster, the easy-to-use and cost-effective Network Monitoring System (NMS). ServersMaster monitors network devices, servers, websites and other applications for failures and irregularities and automatically executes remedial actions in order to fix problems before or right after they arise. Administrators can be notified on various network conditions and they can use the integrated networking toolset to easily understand and troubleshoot any issues.

The mission of the product is to safeguard your network infrastructure and your clients' satisfaction through the automated system of recovery actions. As soon as a problem or anomaly is detected, ServersMaster tries to fix it using a number of so-called Reactions that fire up when certain conditions are met. This enables smooth operations of the websites and other applications in the monitored network. Administrators can be immediately notified on the whole process of recovery, from the problem detection till its final state. The event log provides interface similar to a mail client, allowing you to filter events and write notes to a particular event. This enables you to have a better understanding of the overall scenario and keep track what went wrong and in which part of the network.

The Importance of Network Monitoring

Network service providers and online businesses can lose thousands of revenue dollars by the minute as the network resources stay down. Their customers can demand compensation for their loss and they may run away to the competition if problems are not resolved promptly enough.

The importance of keeping the network resources up and running has increased dramatically with the reliance on technology in this modern era. The demand for capacity is growing at an exponential rate. The number of servers being administrated and monitored is growing, and they are not necessarily located in one data center. All these issues increase the value of network monitoring systems. However, no worries in this regard, ServersMaster has exclusively low pricing model, keep reading the following sections to find out more.

Why use ServersMaster?

ServersMaster in simple words means a highly affordable investment on a high performance network monitoring software. We encourage you to try ServersMaster and protect your Business from unexpected network problems while saving the investments for other important areas of your business. ServersMaster has all the neat features discussed in this document at highly affordable prices.

To really know your network, you need a network monitoring solution that gives you real time information about your network. ServersMaster has the monitoring and database engine, as well as the user interface merged into a single desktop application. This provides super quick installation and ease of use. More importantly, the Device Monitor screen updates the Check states on the screen immediately when a new Check state is available.

As a desktop application, the user interface is quick and highly responsive, unlike network monitoring solutions based on web technologies. Special C/C++ coding techniques and micro optimizations enable ServersMaster to run thousands of Checks with low CPU and memory usage. The monitoring window is able to display hundreds of Check states in only one visible page. In addition to the real time status overview, administrators can easily track the lifetime of the device by generating reports in

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